The TGE: Very high field FT-ICR Mass Spectrometry

The recent developments of FT-ICR MS make it the choice instrument of the academic research community.
French teams with expertise in this domain and owning recent instruments (magnetic fields of 7 or 9,4 Tesla) *provide the French and international community with a part of the available time on these instruments (30%) as well and the necessary skills and know-how* to achieve and exploit the analyses.

The availability of the FT-ICR TGE (Très Grand Equipement - Very Large Equipment) platforms is decentralized over 6 sites, one of which is the ESPCI since 2010 <>

A permanent call for tender procedure allows interested researchers to easily submit their projects <> and obtain an answer within short delays. If the project is accepted by two external experts and that it fits within the available analysis time, *The TGE covers the costs of the analyses by FT-ICR*.

For more information, check out the TGE website.


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