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Postdoctoral Position Labex Memolife

A postdoctoral opportunity is immediately available for 18 months for a collaborative project at PSL Research University between CIRB, Collège de France and SMBP, ESPCI Paris. The CIRB team has expertise in the field of angiogenesis and analysis of associated extracellular matrix remodeling. The ESPCI team has expertise in proteomics and high-resolution mass spectrometry, as well as in differential quantitative and targeted analysis. Equipment available on the proteomics platform at ESPCI includes four high-resolution nanoESI mass spectrometers (LTQ-FT, LTQ Orbitrap, Q Exactive, Q Exactive HF) and one MALDI TOF/TOF 5800 mass spectrometer.
The post-doctoral fellow will work in both labs (Paris downtown, 15 min walking distance), under the supervision of Laurent Muller at CIRB, for cell culture and LOXL2 purification as well as sample preparation, and under the direction of Joelle Vinh at ESPCI for mass spectrometry and bioinformatic analysis.
Candidates with a relevant background in biochemistry, good experience in liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry analyses of peptides and proteins in biological matrices (human plasma, serum, urine), knowledge of statistical and chemometric methods for proteomics are strongly encouraged to apply. Experience in the use of an orbitrap mass spectrometer and in the development of quantitative methods for the analysis of peptides would be an asset.
The postdoctoral opportunity is suitable for candidates who have completed a Ph.D.
Interested candidates are invited to contact Dr Joelle Vinh for further information. Applicants should send a CV, including list of publications and a description of previous research experience, as well as the names and addresses of two academic referees.
Joelle Vinh
Biological Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics (SMBP)
10 rue Vauquelin
75005 Paris
email : joelle.vinh (at)
Phone number : +33.140 795178 or +33.140 794765

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