Training Program

Mass Spectrometry and Proteomics training : Monday, November 14th - Friday, November 18th 2016


Acquiring the theoretical bases and minimum practical requirements to interpret mass spectra obtained form micro proteinic quantities.
Initiation to the identification of proteins by searching sequence databases.

Superior technicians, engineers, researchers.



Macrobiomolecular ionization techniques of biological interest : ESI, MALDI.
Analyzers : TOF, quadrupoles, ion traps, hybrid analyzers, FT-ICR, TOF/TOF.
Molecular mass measurement (MS),
Peptides, fragmentation rules, spectra interpretation, computer assisted interpretation, (MS/MS).
Sample preparation, digestion.
Identification of proteins by Mass Finger printing.
Identification by partial sequencing in MS/MS.
IT tools used to search databases.
HPLC and nano HPLC coupling.
Introduction to the differential quantification by MS.
Practical skills :

Identification of proteins by mass spectrometry : from the protein band isolated in an acrylamid gel to its identification.

You can bring your own samples if you wish. Contact us for more practical details.

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