Proteomics and Mass Spectrometry Practical Course from Monday 25/11/2024 to Friday 29/11/2024


Provide the theoretical and practical foundations for obtaining and interpreting mass spectra from microquantities of protein material.
Introduction to protein identification by searching sequence databases.


Senior technicians, engineers, researchers.



Ionization techniques for biomolecules of biological interest: ESI, MALDI,
Analyzers: TOF, quadrupoles, ion traps, hybrids, tribrids, Astral, TOF/TOF,
Molecular mass measurement (MS),
Peptides, fragmentation rules, spectrum interpretation, computer-assisted interpretation, (MS/MS),
Sample preparation, digestion,
Protein identification by Mass Fingerprinting,
HPLC and nano HPLC coupling,
Identification by partial sequencing in MS/MS,
Computer tools for database searches,
Introduction to differential quantification by MS.

Practical work:

Identification of proteins by mass spectrometry: from the protein band isolated on acrylamide gel to its identification.

You can bring your own sample if you wish.
Contact us for practical details.


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