What an IBISA platform?

The GIS IBiSA (Regroupment of Scientific Interest - Biology, Health and Agronomy Infrastructures) was created in May 2007, following the dissolution of the GIP «CNRG ». The current members of the GIS are the INSERM, the CNRS, the INRA, the CEA, the INRIA, the INCa (The French National Cancer Institute), the CPU (Conference of University Presidents), and the directions of the Ministry of Higher Education and Research, the DGRI and the DGES.


A platform is a regroupement in the same location of scientific equipment and human resources destined to offer a community of users high level technological resources.

Our platform having joined the IBISA charter,

- commits to a large openness on a regional and national level, not only to the site teams, but also to external users, regardless of their affiliation (public bodies, firms…).

- has to assure the sustainability of its performance by an active technological monitoring and the establishment of an action plan to upgrade the materials and train the staff.

- its operation and management are the responsibility of a of an identified person. The platform formally displays the services it offers, access conditions and prices. The GIS IBiSA recommends the establishment of a quality management system inspired by the ISO 9001 norm.

- commits to employ its human resources and meterials to help train students, engineers and technicians and organize technical and scientific training programs.

- Its respect of the directives stated in the terms of service has to be evaluated by an authority commissioned by the bodies having assigned the scientific resources.

Available Services

- enzymatic digestion of proteins in solution or in gel, and desalting
- separation of the resulting peptides by nano LC (1D/2D)
- analyses by mass spectrometry (MALDI TOFTOF, LTQ FT ICR, MALDI Orbitrap)
- searching databases (Mascot / Sequest / ProteinPilot)

Networks in which the platform takes part

Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Foundation,
Canceropole IdF,
Grandes Ecoles d’Ingénieurs,
co-coordinator of RENa2P (National Network of Proteomic Platforms)


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